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“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”


My Story

Pirate Pilates

Pirate Pilates and Nutrition was created to bring a more personalized approach to the fitness industry. It is my passion to work with each client as an individual and find a way to make fitness and nutrition a part of your current lifestyle. I strive to provide motivation and to promote a healthier way of living. 


Pirate Pilates


Body Arts and Science International: Costa Mesa, CA.

Nutrition and Fitness Associates of Science: San Diego, CA.


Pirate Pilates

are obtainable

The Pilates method has changed my body and my life. I saw how it could affect me and had to share that power with others. Your goals are my goals, and together we can achieve them. 


Pirate Pilates

are achieved together

I’m equally passionate about nutrition and every client receives free nutrition advice and counseling with all sessions. Whether you take a private session or participate in a group boot camp my knowledge is your knowledge.

About Me

Health has a new name: Lisa Liles

Originally from Bishop, California I’m certified  on all Pilates apparatus as well as mat through Body Arts and Science International. I also majored in Nutrition & Fitness.


Pirate Pilates Pirates

Here’s a little love I’ve received from some of my amazing clients.

  • reachreach

    Life Changing

    I can't wait to workout

    Life Changing

    “I have been working out with Lisa for over a year now and she has completely changed my life. I have never been very good about sticking with any exercise program, but Pilates with Lisa has been a completely different story. I can't wait to work out with Lisa -- every session is different and I am never bored. On top of it all, I look better now than ever and have muscles in places that I didn't even know I had! Everyone should have Lisa in their lives -- she has definitely changed mine for the better!”

  • pray2pray2

    Dropped 3 sizes

    I feel healthy

    Dropped 3 sizes

    “When I started working out with Lisa in July 2009, I knew I needed a big change in my eating and exercise habits. I was putting on a couple pounds a year, despite my best efforts to stay fit through working out on my own. Lisa gently guided me to synchronize my diet and workout routine to lose weight, build lean muscle and really feel good about myself! Within three months of working out twice a week with Lisa, I had dropped three sizes and my success inspired my husband to start exercising and eating better too. With Pilates, I feel like I’ve found an exercise method that is so fun, relaxing and effective, I know I’ll do it for the rest of my life! Lisa’s encouragement, sense of humor and expertise are instrumental in my continued fitness success. I’m so glad I found her!”

  • splitssplits

    The impossible

    I now enjoy working out

    The impossible

    “Lisa did the impossible -- she turned me from someone who used to dread working out into someone who actually enjoys it! Her patience, knowledge, and creativity made every hour go by (almost) too quickly. I even tried to convince her to move when I had to leave San Diego!”

  • DSC_3202DSC_3202

    The best

    I wish I was in SD

    The best

    “I had the pleasure of doing Pilates with Lisa a few yrs ago at Next Level Fitness. I had been thru several instructors and by far Lisa was the best!! I stopped going after she moved to SD. I miss her very much.”


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